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Many brands are testing out a direct-to-consumer digital channel. Let us help you meet the very different needs of individual customers


  • How do I present my range online in the most effective way?

  • How do I best capture customer behaviour online to enable range development?

  • How should the information that is presented to end consumers be different compared to B2B?


  • How do I ensure I remain GDPR compliant?

  • What other consumer and retail legislation do I need to know?

  • How do I verify online that buyers are of legal age?

  • How does the distance Selling Act affect my business for D2C?


  • Should I use a 3rd party to pick, pack and deliver my products? Or should I do it in-house?

  • What is an acceptable return rate? Does it differ by category?

  • How do preempt my most likely customer complaints?

  • How can I automate my ecommerce customer service procedures?


  • Should I focus on revenue growth or profitability at this precise moment in time?

  • Is my marketing budget being used effectively? Can you prove it? What is my real ROI?

  • How does my online business influence my other channels, such as marketplaces?

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