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Setting a meaningful, sustainable, customer-centric strategy for your ecommerce channels is not always straightforward. We can help.


  • How do I plan a path to increased profitability?

  • How do my digital channels fit with my other customer touch points?

  • How do explain the online business effectively to the board?


  • How big should my digital team be? In what order should I recruit people?

  • What is the most effective structure for us right now?

  • Which roles should I outsource, and which should I keep in-house?


  • Should I use a 3rd party to pick, pack and deliver my products? Or should I do it in-house?

  • What's an acceptable return rate? How will it differ by category?

  • How do I preempt my most likely customer complaints?

  • How can I automate my online customer service procedures?


  • Should I focus on revenue growth or profitability at this precise moment in time?

  • Is the marketing budget being used effectively? What is my real ROI?

  • How does my online business influence my other retail channels?

  • How can I leverage my digital channels to drive additional revenue?

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